Record MIDI to WAV or MP3
I could get excellent results using this midi software.
Midi in Cell Phone
I bought a new mobile cell phone which had the ability to play music - MP3 yes, MIDI no!
MIDI Music in Powerpoint Presentations
Midi files work in powerpoint, but they do not work if you want to loop the song.
Midi Piano Teacher
Converting to MP3 allows my students to play these accompaniment files through their iPods.
Convert Midi Composition
Perfect in every way, with a simple to use interface, fast conversion, and no problems whatsoever.
Choir Practice
Last night I brought the music, (now converted from midi to mp3 format) to our choir practice and all are very happy with it.
MIDI Converter with Soundfont
So, that's exactly what I searched for - A MIDI Converter that utilizes Soundfonts.
MIDI Conversion Software
Looking for an easy-to-use MIDI conversion software because I had a few MIDIs to convert.

Convert MIDI to CD

Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter

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Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter in the church
MIDI to WAV Converter Reviews
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Press Release
Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter - The Best Way to Convert a MIDI for MP3 player or Audio CD
"Thank u for being there when needed. This mid converter really helps our church. We convert MIDI songs to MP3 so we can use our not so up-to-date computer in our church. Really thank u so much!!!!"

Maria Divina Baltazar

"We have a church in our Methodist circuit in the UK which finds it dificult to get an organist every week - they have 7 elderly members and I am using the free download version to convert midi hymns to wav so they can be played on a CD player. "


"Thank you! We have been searching for midi converting tool for quite some time and are glad to find it finally! With the midi converter, it has helped improving our church's music ministry, which resolves our need of converting midi to MP3 for worship usage."

God bless, Torrey

"Thank you for Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter!
You are the only company that I have found who has a FULL trial of your software, albeit for a limited time. You have saved my you-know-what as I have to perform a song tonight and I could not find any way to change the midi file that I needed into a format that I could play on a regular CD player. Your software is excellent, easy to use and I play on spreading the word about it to everyone that I know who does this sort of thing. Thank you again. "

Lynnda Felhaber

"Now I succeeded in finding a MIDI converter program that pleases me very much. I had to try out at least ten programs. Nine of them relied on the playback and record functions in my sound-card, so they did not work! Number ten do not rely on a sound card at all, so it works! You don't have to fuss with recording levels and it even work faster!
I've measured that it takes less than 12.5% of the playback time to convert a midi-file to a MP3-file. On top of it all you can choose the very sound font file (*.sf2) you want in the conversion. "


As often it is necessary for us to record a favorite midi file on CD or simply make mp3 or wav file of it to give our friends or listen ourselves. We need to transfer a midi sound (as it is possible) more really and more colourfully as it is a good sound recording of popular artist. Other people create music with their computer and programs. I can advice the new updated version of program Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter for all those users. It gives to us an possibility to do with midi files all that we want. A zest of program that makes its difference from many other cloned midi converters is a thing that it does not take a sound for record from an output of audio device of your card, but gives a support of user banks of sounds (that is called also a SoundFonts).

Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter has some built-in features. Such as you can easily not only convert a midi file, but also you can choose the needed tool for play and receiving high and real quality of sound. And then you set a sounding time and reverberation level. You need to choose only a recording bitrate and format (this program supports converting in MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats). The simple and comfortable Tag editor allows you to set the name of composition and album, year of record and a name of artist. Thus you can convert at once several MIDI, MID, KAR or RMI files.

Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter has a simple minimalistic interface. All you need is before you in some visible instruments. You listen to a file and at once change some its parameters like set a volume.

Nowhere else you will find a similar thing. Also you have a great chance to "try before buy" this program during 30 days and after the trial period is passed, I assure you, you still will return to it for other such pleasant time of converting a favorite midi file :)

Best regards, Angel Lee
Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter's main features:
  • Quick and fast midi rendering engine - up to 10 times faster than the original midi file time;
  • Audio CD quality because of internal fast conversion without recording;
  • SF2 Soundfont support;
  • Adjustable reverb control;
  • Adjustable Midi tempo;
  • Fast batch conversion mode that saves your time;
  • Most popular MIDI formats are supported;
  • Adjustable qualities and bitrates;
  • High quality built-in MIDI player with trackbar;
  • Fully featured OGG/WMA/MP3 Tag editor;
  • Full support of ID3 MP3 tags;
  • Full support of WMA tags;
  • Full support of OGG tags;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Hot keys for all operations;
  • An easy-to-use Drag and Drop interface;
  • Recording Level adjustment;
  • All available directions:
    MID to MP3, MID to WAV, MID to WMA, MID to OGG, MID to WAVE,
    RMI to MP3, RMI to WAV, RMI to WMA, RMI to OGG, RMI to WAVE,
    KAR to MP3, KAR to WAV, KAR to WMA, KAR to OGG, KAR to WAVE;
  • Windows Vista compatible.

We hope you enjoy all the features we've made in fast Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter.
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Press Release
The Best Way to Convert a MIDI for MP3 player or Audio CD.
MIDI Converter in the church
We have been using midi music but would like to convert midi to MP3 format (due to popularity of MP3 players).
Convert MIDI hymns
We have tried a few others but the results were not as compelling as your MIDI Converter.
MIDI to WAV Converter Reviews
Small in size but extremely detailed and informative, this MIDI conversion program offers a quick and easy way to convert MIDI files.
Convert MIDI to CD
It does not take a sound for record from an output of audio device of your card, but gives a support of user banks of sounds.
Best Number One MIDI Tool
This mid converter is the best thing I could ever use.