Record MIDI to WAV or MP3
I could get excellent results using this midi software.
Midi in Cell Phone
I bought a new mobile cell phone which had the ability to play music - MP3 yes, MIDI no!
MIDI Music in Powerpoint Presentations
Midi files work in powerpoint, but they do not work if you want to loop the song.
Midi Piano Teacher
Converting to MP3 allows my students to play these accompaniment files through their iPods.
Convert Midi Composition
Perfect in every way, with a simple to use interface, fast conversion, and no problems whatsoever.
Choir Practice
Last night I brought the music, (now converted from midi to mp3 format) to our choir practice and all are very happy with it.
MIDI Converter with Soundfont
So, that's exactly what I searched for - A MIDI Converter that utilizes Soundfonts.
MIDI Conversion Software
Looking for an easy-to-use MIDI conversion software because I had a few MIDIs to convert.

MIDI to MP3 Converter Testimonials

"I'm the author of Arachno SoundFont, a 150 MB GM/GS SoundFont bank, and I got some feedback from my users, asking me to get your MIDI to MP3 converter. I tested with a small hundred of MIDI files, and the results are accurate. I noticed that you're using the BASSMIDI DLL, a project I've been following actively since the release of the 3rd party "BASSMIDI Driver". I think that you really should promote the fact that your converter uses the BASSMIDI engine. This one is the most popular among SoundFont users (search for BASSMIDI on YouTube to check) and I think it'd greatly help your software to be better found on search engines!"

Regards from France, Maxime Abbey

"It works good! Nice simple MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter, I am a MIDI artist but I wanted to put my works on an audio CD but my distributor only allowed MP3s so I converted them with this.
Sometimes it can be too simple but not too much. It's not really good enough to pay for, but it's price is better than others I've seen. Lack in features, if they are open for suggestions I would say that you should be able to specify what the ID3 tag should be for ALL the files you convert. (Done!)"


"Je me cherchais un petit programme pour convertir quelques midi en mp3 et ce petit logiciel fonctionne tres bien. Il est simple et la qualit? de l encodage m'a surpris! Je le conseille a tous! Domage qu'il ne soit pas gratuit :)"


"Thank you for Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter!
You are the only company that I have found who has a FULL trial of your software, albeit for a limited time. You have saved my you-know-what as I have to perform a song tonight and I could not find any way to change the midi file that I needed into a format that I could play on a regular CD player. Your software is excellent, easy to use and I play on spreading the word about it to everyone that I know who does this sort of thing. Thank you again. "

Lynnda Felhaber

"Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter is the best software for convert midi files I had ever used. I'm converting my guitar midi tabs to mp3 in a few clicks."

Nick Lugovoy

"Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter - a nice program, I put yours up against three others and it was best, hands down."


"The easiest free software trial for converting MIDI files. No faffing. Simple file conversion. Idiot proof. And there is no limit on file size, as far as I am aware for the trial. I am a fan. totally worth it. I might even buy it. I love it. However. I am not using it work complex music files. Its simple for simple use. I like the quality comes out of the conversion."


"Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter is very efficient program."


"Just Needed for a girlfriend to help here out with her homework, to convert 2 files from midi to mp3. To be honest this was a fantastic product which did exactly what i needed it to do, quickly and without fuss. The program works very well, and all the features also works well. Best quality output, fast and easiest to use. I have no complaints about the product."

Henry Heddy Perez

"I only had to convert a couple of files to MP3 and it is perfect the way I used your Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter."


"This program Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter is the easiest and best I have ever used and I tried a few of them. Good job! I did purchase."

Jino DiClaudio

"Thank you. Excellent Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter software, very easy to use. If I needed to use a program like this on a regular basis, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I will also look at your other products now and see if there is anything I can use. It even let me specify variable bitrate range to improve quality and still keep file size small."

Ron Kirzinger

"Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter was a very nice program, and cleanly converted the .mid file I'd gotten from a now-lost friend into an mp3 that I can share with people."


"I really enjoyed the program Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter and would recommend it to anyone needing to convert their files from midi to mp3."


"This program's trial allows full MIDI song conversions. That instantly makes it better than the rest of them. Seriously, I spent a lot of time searching for this. The programm is really nice and easy to use. I have no complains and I take this opportunity to thank you for it! Have my best regards!"


"I LOVE the fact that your program Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter has the ability to play with tempo. That helped tremendously. Keep up the good work!"


"I never convert midi files just this once for a wedding. Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter worked great but I will not use it for a long time. It worked perfect."


"Now I succeeded in finding a converter program that pleases me very much. I had to try out at least ten programs. Nine of them relied on the playback and record functions in my sound-card, so they did not work!
Number ten do not rely on a sound card at all, so it works! You don't have to fuss with recording levels and it even work faster! I've measured that it takes less than 12.5% of the playback time to convert a midi-file to a MP3-file. On top of it all you can choose the very sound font file (*.sf2) you want in the conversion.
Anyone who has the same problem, go to: "


"Thank u for b eing there when needed. This mid converter really helps our church. We convert MIDI songs to MP3 so we can use our not so up-to-date computer in our church. Really thank u so much!!!!"

Maria Divina Baltazar

"Thank you! We have been searching for midi converting tool for quite some time and are glad to find it finally! With the midi converter, it has helped improving our church's music ministry, which resolves our need of converting midi to MP3 for worship usage."

God bless, Torrey

"Kindly help us to convert the files as we are planning to sing the songs with the track played in the background."


"Before this, I'm using anothers products to convert our Church songs to share using Mp3 type cd's. But this Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter let me choose the right quality the best I ever heard. It's a high quality converter, Thanks for the software..."


"Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter an excellent program. Easy to use with an intuitive user interface. Conversion of files is rapid with the resultant mp3 being of a good size and quality. I needed to play the national anthems of several countries at a sports tournament. The anthems were only available in the .mid format while mp3 format was required. The converter allowed me to meet the required commitment I had made to getting the files ready and on time."


"I have been looking for a MIDI to MP3 for months. I tried two other products and found them very confusing and not living up to my expectations. I can honestly say that your MIDI to MP3 Converter not only meets but far exceeds my expectations! I have finally been able to move 7 MIDI files to MP3 for my Granddaughter's player. She thinks Grandpa can do anything! :) Thanks for a great product."

Nevins A. Franke

"Having just bought a new cell phone which had MP3 capabilities, I was now faced with how to convert my existing MIDI collection to MP3. I went searching for a trial version of some "no fuss, full working" software, and my first test would be against a few harpsicord collections. A Google search brought me to your site and after further research, decided to give it a whirl. Your Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter worked like a charm (and so did the cell phone). Both the install, ease of use, and full working trial were very welcome. I am now happily look forward to converting more of my MIDI collection to listen on my MP3 player."


"I have tried many MIDI to MP3 compose individual choral melodies for our church choir and need to convert these to MP3. Direct Midi to MP3 Converter does this fast and effectively. The batch conversion facility is excellent and the quality of the finished MP3 is first class. I haven’t found a better converter than this one."

Steven McGuire

"I was looking for a quick and easy MIDI to MP3 or WAV converter program, used Google and found this software at the top of the list! It was a quick download, and super easy to use. Best of all it and spyware free!!! I would highly recommend this program."


"Yes, I am here to complement on your current product, the Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter. I have never found a product that could give me proffesional sound quality or good play back for MIDI conversion. The ability to use any SF2 Soundfont, set a reverb, and get a MIDI into a MP3 in good time are what I like about this product. I also like the fact that you can edit the tags of the files so that you can make it easier on yourself rather than having to deal with the dreaded Microsoft Media Player's tag editors. You guys should really go out and make a easy to use MIDI creator software sequencer so that you don't have to deal with fumbling generators. I just think this product is worth it."


"The Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter - software worked very well and I had no problems at all. Right no I just have no need for frequent use of the program. If the situation changes, I will join You again and possibliy make a subscription. I surely can recommend your midi converter . Thank You a lot."

Regards, Hans-Joachim Hoelle


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