"I purchased a license for Direct WAV MP3 splitter last year. Before I pose my question I would like to say how useful your software is to me. I use it very regularly, it allows me to organise my podcast downloads on the SD card that is used in my car. Your software has made my life so very easy and my 100 mile daily commute most enjoyable! So thank you!"
Asif Ali
"Delighted with the MP3 Joiner. Nice to get what you paid for - for a change! Very easy to use - like your MP3 Splitter. Kind regards."
William Hannah
"Thank you so much! Legendary company, one that cares about its customers! Thank you for your support. It was succesfully :)"
Tolgyesi, Tamas
"Ref the Midi to MP3 converter program, have successfully registered it per your recent info and perfectly happy with it. Had searched for such a program as I build a lot of films and slideshows. I have a large amount of midi files and will now be able to convert them and use as background music. Thanks for your program, it's a good one."
Elizabeth F Wylie (North Wales UK)

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is an easy to use, fast tool to split or cut MP3 and WAV files. Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is a fast automatic WAV and MP3 cutter. Our audio track splitter is lightning-quick, splitting up larger MP3 or WAV files without recompression in the blink of an eye. Our MP3 cutter allows you to fast split, cut or trim MP3 or WAV files and save the results as new files. Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is an automatic MP3 splitter. A built-in audio player lets you listen and play back audio with adjustable speed and then split it with automatic track numbering.

You can also automatically split MP3 or WAV files into equal-sized parts using split by time, size or number of parts or use the automatic pause or silence detection feature in Direct WAV MP3 Splitter. You can use it as a fast MP3 album splitter and split an MP3 album in a second flat. Fast WAV MP3 Splitter can split audiobooks, podcasts, ripped CD audio tracks, audio tapes and anything else you can imagine. You can view the MP3 file using wave graphics and set the MP3 cut points easily. You can save and load MP3 cut points to a file. CUE files are supported, as well as the program's own file format.
How can you split an MP3 file? Download fast Direct MP3 Splitter now!

Latest version: Version 3.0

Direct MP3 Joiner

Direct MP3 Joiner is an easy and fast audio tool to combine, merge or join MP3 files. With our audio software utility you can quickly merge, join and combine MP3 audio files without recompressing and without reducing quality. Direct MP3 Joiner helps you join multiple music MP3 files to one larger MP3 file in a seconds.

Our MP3 Combiner works with audio files directly. The joined MP3 song will appear in a second after start. With our MP3 merger you can join your chapters into one big audiobook or put together a non-stop audio CD from a number of separate music tracks. An internal player and Batch MP3 Joiner mode are included.

Latest version: Version 4.0

Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter

Direct MIDI to WAV/MP3 Converter is a fast audio utility that allows you to convert MIDI to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. You can rapidly convert MIDI, MID, RMI and KAR files to MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG in batch mode. Using Tempo Change you can create an album of your favorite MIDI tracks performed at any tempo. Reverberation control is available as well. The resulting WAV or MP3 files can then be burned to an audio CD using any CD recording program.

With our fast MIDI recorder, MID rendering tool conversion speed is up to 10 times faster than the original MIDI file time! MIDI artists and musicians can use own SF2 Soundfonts for fast MID conversion and changing instrument quality. You can control the tempo, reverberation, recording level and key and transpose the MIDI during conversion. And then don't forget Convert MIDI to CD!

Our MIDI to MP3 Converter is a very popular MIDI converter with churches. You can read many MIDI to WAV Converter Reviews and testimonials from our satisfied users. Don't just take our word for it when you make your decision to buy the Best Number One MIDI Tool!

Additionally, our program's multilingual interface is perfect for people who want to record MIDI, MID, RMI and KAR files on an audio CD but have been faced with a difficult, incomprehensible user interface. MIDI Converter comes in several languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech and more...

Latest version: Version 7.0

Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper

Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper is real must-have software for people who cannot imagine their life without digital music. It combines powerful audio converter and handy CD ripper in one useful program. Using Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper you can easily convert your favorite music tracks between all popular formats, rip audio CDs to any popular format you like and even import tag information from FreeDB database.

Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper allows you to convert your favorite music tracks from one format to another without any quality loss (such as WAV to MP3, MP3 to WMA, MP3 to OGG, MP3 to WAV etc.) The program supports all popular formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, Monkey's Audio APE, MusePack MPC, WavPack WV, SPX, AIFF and AC3. Even better, happy iPod owners will be delighted with Apple format support for AAC, MP4 and M4A (iPod audiobooks). With Direct Audio Converter and CD Ripper, you can convert your whole music collection to another audio format while keeping the original folder structure (including subfolders and preserving the original folder structure features). And you can be sure all audio tag information will remain unchanged after conversion.

Latest version: Version 3.0

Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder Pro

Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder Pro records audio and saves it directly into any format without additional compression or conversion. All bitrates of MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG formats are natively supported. Record high-quality music or low-bitrate audio streams directly into compressed sound files.

Record MP3 Files Directly from any Sound Sources. Create audio presentations or narrations, make Web podcasts, record Web radio stations or class lectures or tape voice memos easily and conveniently. Record audio from microphone, CD/DVD player, games, radio, TV etc. There are many unique requirements to the format, quality and size of audio files for different purposes. How to Record Audio? Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder is an easy way to record audio!

Latest version: Version 2.0

Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor

Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor is a powerful mp3 audio tagger to edit MP3 tag, OGG, ASF and WMA tags of audio files. Pistonsoft MP3 tagger enables you to edit tags, rename files, folders, export data to various formats, save playlists and much more.

Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor will let you put your audio files collection in order! Our MP3 Tag Editor allows you to receive the information on the album from the public FreeDB database. The MP3 organizer software will automatically single out album tracks from the list and receive the list of suitable albums according to the number and length of the tracks. You will only have to select one album, and the program will fill in the tags with the received information.

Latest version: Version 2.7

Skype Recorder

Unlike its competitors, Pistonsoft Skype Recorder allows you to record Skype calls and save recorded conversations both locally and in your Google Mail account. In both cases, audio logs are saved as compact high-quality MP3 files. When saving conversations to your Gmail account, the program labels them as "Skype History", so you can quickly select these messages from the entire message archive.

Latest version: Version 1.4

Free BPM Detector

Are you a DJ, a professional sound engineer, or just making sound tracks at home sound recording studio? Making the rhythms or create a harmonious music sequence? Make your task easier by instantly seeing the tune's number of beats per minute (BPM)!

Freeware Pistonsoft BPM Detector is fast, and scans hundreds of MP3 files per minute on an average PC. Have a HUGE collection? Fear not! Configure BPM Analyzer to only scan the first few seconds of every song, and still BPM your collection in no time! Download free BPM Counter now!

Latest version: Version 1.0


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