MP3 Splitter Testimonials

"At last... an MP3 Splitter that works!. I've tried a lot of the other MP3 Splitters, including those that gave a better rating than this program, but this is the first one that actually worked for me. The interface is easy to use and splitting the track goes really smooth. If you want an MP3 splitter that does what it's supposed to do, then I definitely recommend this program. I could see some other people wanting some more features from this program, but since I only needed it to, well, split an MP3, then I don't really have any complaints."

Christian Otte

"I have used your programme Direct WAV MP3 Splitter to split up a large number of radio recordings of about one hour into three parts of equal size. Your programme is quite easy to use and I think I will buy it."

Chris Struiksma

"Your MP3 Splitter provides an important capability for someone with a large collection of records or tapes, who records these in absence, then needs to cut the resultant recordings into tracks to preserve on CDs...
Your program is the critical enabler of my music collection efforts and I am beginning to love it dearly for its feature richness, its fast operation (I routinely process and cut files 200 MB and more in size) and its willingness to do a simple job with minimal fuss. I would (and have) recommend your program without hesitation.
Thank you for writing a program which is compact, fast, and just works!"

Chris Herd

"I have been trialling the Direct WAV MP3 Splitter, and also comparing with some other products. Yours is very good.
Good things - it'll handle large files - I have some over 1 Gbyte - I do this quite regularly by recording in MP3 from radios for long periods, it's pretty fast - some other splitters are dismally slow - it'll generate quite large splits if necessary (for example up to 10 Mbytes is easy - some tools give up around 6 Mbytes, so a 70 Mbyte Mp3 will require 12 files, rather than 8!), the gap detect feature is very useful and easy to use - (here I've not only used it for gap detection, but also to detect relative quiet in order to use with a denoising program - such as Wave Repair - that does a brilliant job of removing broadband noise given a short sample, but is pretty hopeless for finding sections which only contain the noise ....).
Being able to play sections is also good - I only recently discovered this. I don't know much else about MP3, whether it's possible to have different tags at different parts of the stream - so can't comment on whether your tools are good for that, but as I say, Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is very good in several areas. "

David Martland

"I have been using the Direct WAV MP3 Splitter trial version for 2 weeks. This program has a lot of value.
- Trial version has full capability for 30 days,
- Complete functionality for splitting and organizing mp3 files,
- Tag editor is flexible with auto features,
- Great flexibility on pause auto-detection,
- File naming function is easy,
- Interface is superb and easy to navigate.
I will almost certainly purchase this program, and will look no further for a file splitter if/when I do reach for my wallet. I have no complaints whatever. It's a very stable program that performs like it ought to."


"I'm trialing your MP3 Splitter and it's great.! "

Grant Dungee

"I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with the Direct WAV MP3 Splitter/MP3 Joiner utility. It is absolutely perfect for my audio toolbox. I downloaded the free demo and bought the license after 5 minutes of use. Thank you! "

Jim Bower

"Direct WAV MP3 Splitter. I love the detect pause function. This program very accurately detected breaks between songs on the album I tested, and split it in the right spot. Thanks! "


"Yours Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is the best of the MP3 splitters that I have tried and I have already recommended it to others."

Bob Miller

"Just wanted to tell you guys "great job" on MP3 Splitter! Intuitive, clean UI and very fast...right now. I'm using the eval version, but I'll definitely be buying! Nice work! Thanks, this is great software!"

J Scott Jones

"I was impressed with the smooth operation and well-designed user interface of your mp3 and wav splitter and have recommended it to colleagues!"


"I like everything... This mp3 splitter is easy to use and works really fast. I'm very happy with this."


"This was the first mp3 splitter I tried and I must say I was very impressed. Very simple to split tracks and is very quick. If you want tracks splitting then this is for you. You just choose the place in the song that you want it to start at and click "start" and then choose where you want it to end and click "finish" ... or you can choose the time you want the song to start and end, click split and thats it."


"This mp3 splitter is crisp clean and deadly accurate. I now have loads of wrapped MP3 albums split in to single form. Plays beautifully and as far as I can tell with no loss in sound quality."


"Direct WAV MP3 Splitter has clean professional looking interface. Makes ultra fine splits to the millisecond. Use it to extract one or many portions from an MP3 at the same time. It also has excellent documentation via the help file!"


"Fantastic software. Far Better than many of the other mp3 splitting programs I've used."


"Direct WAV MP3 Splitter A very good application. Very configurable!"

Andrew W

"Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I have registered the newer version of the Direct WAV MP3 Splitter now and it is working great! I have also recommended the software to friends and family."

Lee Rutland, a satisfied customer.

"I will be buying Direct WAV MP3 Splitter soon. It is absolutely fabulous."

Terry Miles

"Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is excellent. I tried it to send split mp3 ringtones to my phone and it worked very well...Thankyou.
I will certainly recommend it to anyone who asks."


"The program Direct WAV MP3 Splitter works very fine. You have done a very good job."

Alejandro Salgado

"Este programa es ideal para quienes aspiran a crear sus propias pistas musicales y mezclar sonidos, ya que es capaz de separar archivos MP3 y WAV. Cuenta con reproductor de audio incorporado para escuchar y revisar un archivo con velocidad ajustable y luego extraer una determinada seccion, a la cual se le asigna un numero que facilita su rastreo. Tambien detecta las pausas entre las pistas, lo que agiliza la tarea de digitalizar un album de musica ("
"I'm just testing your product Direct WAV MP3 Splitter and it is great I really like it and it is almost exactly what I was looking for."

Lutz Gerathewohl

"I purchased your Direct WAV MP3 Splitter to use to split audio book files into smaller chapters for use with my MP3 player. I love the product - fast, easy to use - great results."

Edward Hartmann

"When I Have My Own Computer I Will Install Direct WAV MP3 Splitter. An excellent programme!!!"


"Thanks for a great product Direct WAV MP3 Splitter. I have not found a program as good as this one."


"I've been trying out your WAV/MP3 Splitter. So far it has been easy to use even for a tech dummy like me."


"The Direct WAV MP3 Splitter works perfect, easy and complete, best splitter I could find, although while searching and trying I found out I need an mp3-editor and not "just" a splitter. But thanks anyway, you guys do a good job both in making software and in showing what it can do before downloading/installing."


"I took this one MP3 Splitter over the alternatives, even the free ones, because the handling for me is the best. Especially the overlap feature. I will use it to transfer longer speeches, split into little parts, on my iPod, where I can more easily move around in the split files, as I transcribe them with Speech recognition software."


"I was looking for a WAV to MP3 converter, and in my fervor I downloaded the MP3 splitter instead. I must say though.....
If I ever need a mp3 splitter, I know which one to get!"


"This is a great little program with lots of power. I record a lot of seminars and meetings and this little guy does the trick! No one likes to fast foward through a hour-long mp3 to find what they are looking for. By splitting mp3 into smaller files, it makes it much easier to listen to as well as to burn to CD. Keep up the good work!"

Thanks, Bill Watkins

"I'm impressed with your MP3 Editor and will keep it in mind for future use. That being said, your program was quick to learn and extremely easy. If I come across anyone who needs to do any mp3/wav splitting, I'll highly recommend your program. It's great and helpful. I will use it if I need it in future. Your programs are better and user friendly than other similar softwares."

Ken Taylor


How to split MP3 file?
My main goal here - to split and save mp3 files to audio CD
MP3 Splitter Reviews
I record a lot of seminars and meetings and this little guy does the trick! No one likes to fast foward through a hour-long mp3 to find what they are looking for.


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