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"Direct MP3 Joiner is a fine product and I will enjoy using it going forward, and will recommend to anyone who might need such a program. Thanks again."
"Excellent MP3 Software and Customer Service! I use the software to join mp3 audiobooks. It is very fast and sorts the files - just what I wanted. I also like the warning message when you mix bitrates. They respond very quickly to customer inquiries."
"By the way the Direct Mp3 Joiner is a piece of software which has changed my music collection and for the better, best piece of software I have bought. I'm not just saying that to butter you up, because you know its an excellent addition to a music collection without me telling you. Thanks in advance for any reply you give."

Direct MP3 Joiner creates innovative solution! About four months ago, we traded a few emails regarding the MP3 song limit in the Zumo 550. It all started when I contacted Garmin Technical Support to see if there was a way to increase the MP3 song limit to more than 1,000 songs. As you may recall, the long and short of it was that the Zumo's Library database was capped at 1,000 entries and Garmin didn't feel it was possible to increase that capacity.

I have come up with a workaround that has enabled me to put almost 4,000 songs (13 GB of MP3 files) on my Zumo. I now have my entire music collection (almost 300 albums) incorporated into my GPS/Navigation/Photo Album/Bluetooth Interface/MP3 Player - all in a single handheld device - on my motorcycle, in my car, or at my desk. Is that way cool, or what? I mothballed my IPod and now carry all the music I own on my Zumo (with space for more if I need it).

Want to know how? It hit me about a month ago. I realized the Zumo doesn't care how large the MP3 file is. Whether it's a 4MB file or a 100MB file, it still gets stored as one song - out of 1,000 available. So I bought a copy of Direct MP3 Joiner from Piston Software. I used it to combine all the mp3 songs from each album into a single, large MP3 file. 300 albums = 300 songs as far as the Zumo is concerned. I kept some songs separate as singles for easy access. So, right now, I have about 450 "songs" on a 16GB SD card. And it works great. The best thing is that I've got plenty of room for more songs/albums as my collection grows.

Garmin matters to me and I want the Zumo to become more popular. If there are other Zumo owners (or potential Zumo owners) out there who have the same dissatisfaction I had with the imposed song limit, I hope that you will help spread the word that all is not lost. It's not a perfect solution but, when I get a wild hair to listen to a particular song that comes to mind, it's right there. All the best, Rick.

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Combine MP3 files
Direct MP3 Joiner creates innovative solution!
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